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Sep '20


It will not only ensure that the nutrients are introduced but also reliable for it to stay there! The hormone insulin is thus an anabolic”(based on). Glucagon, our friend, wants to mobilize the nutrients and releases fatty acids from adipose tissue, so that they can be burned in the muscle cell. The two are adversaries. It is either very much insulin in the blood or glucagon. Carbohydrates have the greatest impact on insulin. No matter whether we eat so “super good” complex carbohydrates or simple sugars, the same amount of insulin to the storage required and prevents the burning of fat. Either slowly and persistently corresponds to a rather low glycemic index, GI short, or faster, and shorter in the high GI. In other words, with each carbohydrate-rich meal, fat burning is unfortunately very reliably blocked! The failure of low-fat diets generate negative energy balance: If we take now less power than we consume, we reliably block fat burning by the carbohydrates throughout the day, muscles need to atone and be converted into glucose.

Weight loss success: 40% muscles, 60% fat! -Unsatisfactory… Muscles should be are necessarily preserved. Apart from the fact that our muscles protect our joints, increase our mobility and well-being, they also burn calories throughout the day! Carbohydrates and fat away! When we eat carbohydrates and fat together as for example in chocolate, pastries, bread with butter, chips etc. the carbohydrates to burn used and every gram fat is stored only once! Tips: create negative energy balance. Speaking candidly Digital Cameras told us the story. Eat more and more often: to stimulate the metabolism, eat throughout the day and eat as much as possible from low-calorie vegetables! 1kg of vegetables has only about 200kcal. Approximately as much as in 60 grams of pasta! The combination of diet & endurance & strength training brings the best results! Physical activity: integrating movement into everyday! How about it so go 2 times per week with the bike to work? Allowed foods: carbohydrates: lead to only with lots of vegetables, salads and fruit. Proteins: Eggs, meat, fish, cheese, cottage cheese, Nuts, olives, avocados etc.

Good fats: to fry olive or rapeseed oil, linseed oil (Omega 3) use only cold E.g. to a salad. Waive on: sunflowers, corn-safflower oil, and a feast day for the soul! We want to burn fat throughout the day and therefore greatly restrict our CARB intake. A “gourmet day” of the week is good for the soul! On a day such as Saturday everything can be eaten! Ice cream, chocolate, pastries, etc… Sense: Body may not adjust to a certain number of calories. Balm for the soul: we can and should not constantly heck goodies afterwards! The carbohydrate stores are filled once on such a day before fat can be rebuilt! For a detailed and individual advice we are gladly available. Www.personaltraining-hamburg.

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