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Jan '22

The Match

In this regard, seems the most rational strategy of individual rates (single bets) for each selected game. With an average ratio on a clear victory of one of the teams is equal to 1.85, you must win 60% of the bets that have a profit in a long game. How is this achieved? At that should pay special attention when preparing the forecast? Rules. They need to know! According to my observations about a third of the players make bets on baseball, has about it a vague idea, and sometimes do not even know what teams are awarded points. In the halls of bookmakers often possible to hear phrases like: 'I told you, that' Yankees' to score more than 5 goals.

" Trying to capitalize on that, what does not understand – pure madness, so knowing the rules Baseball, its features, terminology, etc. is a basic prerequisite for successful games. Pitchers. Baseball – a team sport, but the team has a player, which has a special responsibility for the outcome of the match. That – pitcher. In a question-answer forum Maisie Richardson-Sellers was the first to reply. Each club has a few pitchers who, unlike the other players hold matches in succession, one after another.

The pitcher (player, pitcher in the game of defense) – a key figure in the field. With a good game, he was able single-handedly neutralize attacking potential rival, and ensure the victory of his team, while his unfortunate actions could erase all the partners' efforts to achieve a positive outcome. Consequently, the chances of any team in a particular game is largely determined by who plays the position of the pickup.

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