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Jan '22

Netiquette – DO

Netiquette DOs and DONTs in Web 2.0 – this sucks! The new lecture by Jens Schluter (social networks & co.) Much is written about Netiquette on the Internet. No matter whether eEtiquette or the etiquette for online media. Unfortunately, this Advisor with the rapid development in Web 2.0 can match. What is still frowned upon, […]

Oct '20

The Labelling

If you so you’d better want to spend your life with things or people, you have fun, you should keep the personal and professional life of unnecessary searches. Say the fight the chaos and invest some time in this Clean up. It will pay off and you will have your pleasure. Proceed with according to […]

Jan '15

Gunther Wolf

In the settling of team goals, it is especially important to define the scope of duties of the individual team members and to differentiate against each other. Contribution of individuals to the team objectives determine just so you can avoid multiple edits and it prevents that tasks that are unpopular, be set aside. The participants […]