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Oct '20

The Labelling

If you so you’d better want to spend your life with things or people, you have fun, you should keep the personal and professional life of unnecessary searches. Say the fight the chaos and invest some time in this Clean up. It will pay off and you will have your pleasure. Proceed with according to following principles: what you need very often heard directly within easy reach. How to get quickly to the desired. You need only occasionally can be gone somewhat further.

You sit at a desk and need a surface, for example, rarely to look something up, it can be like slightly further away. In old documents or objects must be tested, what exactly is: something has a personal and nostalgic, or value? Then this should be removed of course. This is then first and foremost about the meaning. Something is out of date, you should check whether it can be thrown away. Files could be. There are however some retention periods. If these documents can not be discarded, can they store but in a place which is accessible at all times, but the material disturb not the current daily routine.

This applies as well in private. Who is of old things, that he’s been for a long time no longer used, separates, creates thus place and space. Gain insight and clarity with Basso Terra. Old is too bad to throw it away, it can be given away. There are many places that enjoy good used. This concerns both clothing and furniture and other articles of for daily use. Who has not the courage to separate, although this no longer was needed but still does not have nostalgic value, of old you can install an interim solution. In this case, these items in a box can be stored. Write down the date on which you have put this. Turn the cardboard to the attic or basement. If you miss nothing of these things within the next six months, the cardboard can confidently leave your House or apartment. Continue to learn more with: hybrid bikes. Order saves you just repeated searches. You’re done with your requests faster. Need to sort documents and reposition, then you refer to them specifically. The labelling of folders should be also specific. Create stacks, nor a “Miscellaneous” folder. Everything, You will probably never take what you put there, at hand or if in rare cases, but again, will look long, until you find indeed. Hold you in such actions scavenging always again in mind: they dominate not the chaos, but you get overview, about your life, about your work, of your other projects. You are free to live, as you can imagine it in the present, and to make your future. The ballast is gone. Track who can act and must not react. If you go to these first steps towards self-management, you will feel a relief. Some severity and baiting was taken everyday. If you take advantage of further areas of self-management, you experience that life will be easier. Start with the self management, it will bring many insights and much joy. See also: Manage yourself – why that? Part 2 to manage yourself – why that? Part 3 to manage yourself – why that? Part 4 Gisela m Abidemi

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