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Jan '22

Netiquette – DO

Netiquette DOs and DONTs in Web 2.0 – this sucks! The new lecture by Jens Schluter (social networks & co.) Much is written about Netiquette on the Internet. No matter whether eEtiquette or the etiquette for online media. Unfortunately, this Advisor with the rapid development in Web 2.0 can match. What is still frowned upon, may tomorrow be standard and are de rigueur. In this entertaining presentation, attendees learn what really sucks, what want to read no more, and how to make it just a little better.

Equipped as they can safely go to the biggest foot in the Web 2.0 and maintain an appreciative approach in their networks. The speaker carefully observed the development of online communication for over 10 years and is “at home” in many social networks and business platforms. How many of his seminars, and also, he annoys seminar participants are almost daily about spam, superficially written emails, automated contact requests, orthographic “dropouts” and intrusive advertising messages. Now he has for his latest lecture participants Netiquette – the DO’s and DONT’s in Web 2.0 “summarized the main NO of GOS and many tips about the label in the Web 2.0. The next dates: 08.06.2011 StrategieCentrum Kronberg 16.06.2011 StrategieCentrum Sudwestfalen 14.07.2011 space Bochum, more info at

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