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Nov '21


Many of our countrymen are dreaming about the hot and exotic countries that are able to offer everyone something unusual and different. The hottest continent on the planet – Africa, where it is not there to find the real heat, hot sun, which is often simply mercilessly scorches vast areas. Africa is full of contrasts, […]

Nov '20

Andaman Sea

The villas are located right in the tropical gardens and private beach hotel is considered the best in Langkawi. Hotel Tanjung Rhu Resort offers you your luxury accommodation and excellent service. Among the standard services are tours of the island to help tourists get acquainted with the natural sights and monuments antiquity. Famous restaurants Tanjung […]

Oct '20

Art Nouveau

In 1997, the old district of the city was included in the unesco list of cultural heritage of mankind. This part of Riga will be the key not only for connoisseurs architecture, but for lovers of entertainment. Many restaurants, cafes, tea, bars and clubs will further enjoy the diverse atmosphere of the city. Omega 3 […]

Nov '13

Trekking Buzzword

Trekking – the strange English word means hiking. You spend the night in tents and small wooden huts, cook over a campfire, sleeping in a sleeping bag, wash with river water, but it is perceived as the inherent rules of the game during the trekking. At the same time without those 'charms' trip you will […]