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Nov '13

Trekking Buzzword

Trekking – the strange English word means hiking. You spend the night in tents and small wooden huts, cook over a campfire, sleeping in a sleeping bag, wash with river water, but it is perceived as the inherent rules of the game during the trekking. At the same time without those 'charms' trip you will not get the whole picture. Day of trekking, of course, is full of events and new experiences. Not surprisingly, many people in the world right now increasingly prefer this type of holiday beaches, famous resorts.

They call this holiday life on the move, traveling to a country unknown. A trip to the rhythm of trekking – it's available to anyone, regardless of age and health. This is – a unique opportunity to see nature from the inside, away from dust and bustle of big cities. Well-prepared traveler on the shoulder every obstacle: he can cope with, and steep passes, and taiga wilderness, inaccessible or ATVs, or rider. But for this you need experience, based on the knowledge and skills. Each campaign – a lesson that gives a wise teacher – nature. But, despite the important and necessary lessons, nature presents Travel unforgettable landscapes, impressions and feelings, which you will then be delighted to tell friends, show your photos and remember the night the fires. The classic areas for hiking, trekking Crimea, the Carpathians. Sufficiently developed infrastruktoru allows very fast to get to the start on the route, which causes a very large poulyarnost these mountains, among many tourists.

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