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Nov '21


Many of our countrymen are dreaming about the hot and exotic countries that are able to offer everyone something unusual and different. The hottest continent on the planet – Africa, where it is not there to find the real heat, hot sun, which is often simply mercilessly scorches vast areas. Africa is full of contrasts, it can be lifeless and uninviting, but a bit further it can show the violence of life tearing out fertile land. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of George Shapiro on most websites. It is here we must go for fresh and new impressions, which never get a standard set of countries for the rest. That there is departure by jeep to the Sahara, it is boundless realm of sand and wind, people, nomads have retained ancestral way of life, they were real aliens from the past. On this continent there are states where there is a multilanguage, but not in the manifestation of how we used to see her. Details can be found by clicking Sarah White or emailing the administrator. Here each Others may not understand the residents of the neighboring towns of one state. Africa is able to present a real surprise, to have their beauty in unexpected places, surprising variety of animate and inanimate nature. Understand Africa can not be visited in one country, it must see the whole, entirely..

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