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Dec '13

Cad The Time And The Space

Immanuel Kant said: ' ' The time is the great lie of homens' '. that is proven fact, because in the lesser things who is the Human being determines its space and its time. For example: If it to travel of bus for one same place, goes to spend more time and more space of what travelling itself of airplane, then, it widens its time or contracts it, the same occurring with the space. Cad the time and the space? Jesus answered: they are not the twelve hours of the day? If somebody floor of day, does not stumble, because it sees the light of this world. Evangelho de Jesus according to Joo, CAP. 11:9. The man if approaches to God, the time diminishes the space if he contracts, the Man evolves. The time and the Pra space it are more close, Are the Prophecy of God Showing the correct time.

Where she is in the distance Between God and the Humanity? The Man is that he moves away yourself From its Oniscidade. God is not far, It is always present, the Man has that to enter In its Onisciente time. Who becomes Prophecy Of the God Onipresente, Conquest space and time In the seio of the Onipotente. There time for, Because the Man if comes across With its Time.

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