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Mar '20

The Interview

Boomerang. The customer is who has the solution to your objection. We try to adapt as much as possible to what we asked. Transformation. Turn objection into advantage. Rodeo.

Let the price for the end, when the client is convinced of the advantages. Sandwich. Enclose the objection between two positive aspects of your product or service. Umbrella. The customer expresses views that they have nothing to do with the subject. We listen, all and change the topic. We must never discuss these opinions unrelated to the topic.

Chapter 8: The closing of the sale when the sales interview has been successfully, there comes a time in which it is not possible to continue negotiating. It is time to close the deal. The challenge is in how to obtain the order. If the previous phases have progressed satisfactorily, close operation will be easy. discussion. The timing of the closure is when an objection has been resolved and there are no more for answering. We have two steps for closing: 1. summarize the benefits accepted by the client and issues of interest. It consists of enumerating the benefits the customer with the product or service. 2. To propose an action plan, i.e., perform one or several offers that are easily assimilable by the customer, taking into account the mother tongue in the interview. Official site: Michael Steinhardt. There are two types of signals that the customer that tells us that we can already give us perform the shutdown: 1.-physical: smile, make calculations, again look at some detail, staring any brochure or document that we have delivered to you, to sit on the table, touching the Chin and nod your head. 2.-Verbales: ask some detail, put inconsistent objections, favorable opinions toward the mark, making mental calculations and references to already seen economic conditions. Chapter 8: The closing of the sale techniques of closing of the sale in the previous section study when it is suitable for perform the closing of the sale, as well as steps to make to bringing to fruition the interview.

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