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Dec '19

Lana Tour Company

The company offers quality Lana tour services for the organization of rest in the UAE. At your choice, we offer private tours with the elite stay in separate apartments, group trips and excursions, cheap deals vouchers. Lana Travel Company Tour on my website offers a huge selection of various stays in the UAE from all […]

Jan '19

Aswan High Dam

Egypt is considered a divine country, every grain of sand is surrounded by magic and mystery. Egypt – a unique, colorful country with deep traditions and millennial history. It is beautiful in its diversity as it may other country in the world. For many years, tours in Egypt attracts people from around the world chic […]

Jan '19


Today, for portable radios maximum possible power is 5W. I bought Midland, precisely because he has the power 5W, high-quality ingredients and a good antenna. For let justice go out and look at the actual performance of these radios. I tested them in different situations so you can evaluate their options. My first test I […]

Oct '13

Siamese Valley

All this is accompanied by folk festivities, where people jump over the fire, walk on coals or even arrange a symbolic battle between men and women. Also popular competitions in archery and zapuskaniya kites. Moreover, all sprinkled with each other colored powder and pour paint. Universities in the day, students can totally fearless, "paint" their […]