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Jan '19

Aswan High Dam

Egypt is considered a divine country, every grain of sand is surrounded by magic and mystery. Egypt – a unique, colorful country with deep traditions and millennial history. It is beautiful in its diversity as it may other country in the world. For many years, tours in Egypt attracts people from around the world chic beaches, gentle sea, hot sun, comfortable hotels and good service. And yet, most Egypt beckons with its beauty. Paints one of the most beautiful ancient country with amazing history much colorful than it might seem at first glance. Today, Egypt opened its border to all its guests who come to it not only for relaxing stay, but new discoveries. Not surprisingly, things to do in Egypt have become very popular among Russians. For more information see this site: Air Force Chief of Staff .

Travel Agency 'EuroAsia', in turn, offers last-minute things to do in this unique country by a large low-cost flight to the next date. Today's tours in Egypt a high level of service and comfort, luxury hotels are available, beaches and leisure activities. For those who are interested in the latest offerings, our agency offers a wide choice of resorts. Today, Egypt – is first and foremost a smart Hurghada, Sharm magic-el-Sheikh and El Gouna and resorts such as Safaga, Makadi Bay, Dahab and Taba. The Red Sea is open to all, including for the surfers, the waves which break against the backdrop of palm trees and gorgeous white sand horizon. All hot tours to Egypt accompanied by unforgettable and various excursions in the most exotic corners of the country.

The beautiful valley of the Nile, Egypt's main artery, about which many have heard only from history books, will open its diversity in luxury cruises. Almost all of the tours in Egypt St. Petersburg offers a trip to built in the mid-20th century, the Aswan High Dam, which is a true creature of man. If you want to learn the culture and art of Ancient Egypt, go to Cairo. It is here that a strong Islamic traditions reflect the real flavor of this multifaceted country. Unbelievable, but Egypt has to offer everyone something original and interesting. It is worth saying a few words about what Hotels in Egypt have always been famous for its flexible pricing and variety of cuisine offered. Each of them can find their place and rest comfortably. We are pleased to offer you high quality latest offerings in different hotels, which First of all, different stars and prices. We strive to make a voyage to Egypt was for you to one of the largest travel, after which there would be a lot of experience. Today, last-minute trips to the gem world civilization allows many people to touch history, to plunge into the world of magic and relaxation. Everyone has a chance to visit the country since last-minute tours are conducted in Egypt often. Our travel Agency also carries out hot tours to Egypt from St. Petersburg. We offer competitive prices and excellent service, and you get a complete package of documents, which can be sent on a journey. All of the tours to Egypt St. Petersburg, followed by medical insurance while abroad. For prices on trips to Egypt from St. Petersburg, you can learn in detail, call us at phone numbers listed on the site. Our agency will help You get the most convenient last-minute trips to Egypt from St. Petersburg at an affordable price.

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