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Mar '20

When Fat

They ran to run away from the rain that in the horizon already left its nugget to fall in the land. Already it passed of the half of the afternoon when a strong rain started to fall. Great nugget fall to the ground playing the sand in great altitudes. It took them to Beoriano for […]

Jun '19

Farm Golden Valley

Stopped ahead of the window, Aldo looked at the city with its cinereous building and transits confused. She was of vacation and not wise person what to make! It came back to sit down. Folhando a magazine, its thoughts if had deviated for the past in Rochedo, city where it was born. One remembered of […]

Jul '14

Love More

They had sat down it table. They had asked for any food alone to get rid itself of the inconvenient waiter. One of them thought I must have brought flowers, it adores flowers, must be thinking that I do not love it because I forgot the cursed flowers. to another one thought I had to […]