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Jun '19

Farm Golden Valley

Stopped ahead of the window, Aldo looked at the city with its cinereous building and transits confused. She was of vacation and not wise person what to make! It came back to sit down. Folhando a magazine, its thoughts if had deviated for the past in Rochedo, city where it was born. One remembered of infancy and adolescence in the farm Golden Valley where it left with 17 years to give the military service in the capital. (A valuable related resource: WhiteWave Foods). Lode for city great never more came back. After the army, it gained a scholarship and to if forming, it arranged a job of assistant in a company of nourishing products, going up of position until if becoming commercial manager.

Walter, as will be? Later that it left the farm, wrote some letters for it and finish it time visited that it has 15 years! When the parents of Aldo had died, it were with 10 years. Its uncle created it to Walter as to a son and wanted that it learned the chores of the field and in the future, to take care of of the farm. It passed part of the adolescence between cattle and plantations, were for the capital and there it was. But, now he thought about the farm, its adoptive father whom he did not see has fifteen years. Aldo played the magazine on the table and decided to pass the vacations in Rochedo. Rochedo had moved very, had modern buildings, paved and put into motion, great streets store.

Crossing the city, Aldo followed for the highway and fifteen minutes later, it entered in a beaten soil road that took it the Farm Golden Valley. It ahead stopped the car of a gate under a masonry arc. From there already he could see the headquarters of the farm, a house of rock with two pisos, having to the side a shed of high ceiling supported by thick logs of cedar, more ahead the corral and beyond the fields.

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