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Apr '13

Manufacturer Of Wooden Windows

The whole cycle of production of wooden windows with modern German wood processing equipment with computer control. Drying. Before we begin production of wooden windows, received on production of wood drying is mandatory. Drying helps to minimize internal stresses and to eliminate cracking of wood during processing. Drying process controls the computer; on a given program for each wood species.

Once the timber reached the moisture content of 10% of its move into a closed room where she lay for some time to achieve moisture balance. Only then this timber will be ready for further processing. Shavings slats. The resulting fins planed and cut into segments of fixed length for ease of further processing. Elimination of defects. In the next step is the elimination natural disadvantages of wood – knots, resin pockets, etc. This is called optimization, after it obtained an ideal material for further manufacturing of wooden windows. Screw spikes.

For the production of three-layer laminated veneer lumber needed perfect lamellae. Consequently, the resulting optimization bars must envision splicing is an ideal lamella. This involves cutting studs on both sides of bars. Splicing. Further, the bars, on the automated line superimposed and glued together, and the resulting lamellae additional chip. At this stage of obtaining the ideal lamella ends. Gluing slats in a three-layer board. After how we got a perfect quality slats need to be glued to the three-layer board. To do this, they applied the glue, they are placed in a special press where, under great pressure, for several tens of hours is glued slats in a three-layer board.

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