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Mar '15

Designs From Natural Stone

Stone – how many stories it holds in itself, the stone was indeed worthy of the test of time and evolution. Natural natural stones in ancient times attracted the attention of primitive man, even then people were drawn to this natural gift, made of his gun, tried to make some product. Later, people learned how to polish stone, honing his skills and processing of natural stone, eventually learned to do more and more subtle product. Let then these products were still quite simple and primitive, but they have become a part of history, and they can be called the result of artistic processing of natural stone. Over time, people improve their skills in all what we can, including, and in the ability to work with natural stone, these skilled craftsmen passed on their craft from generation to generation. Internal and external coating, stone floors, magnificent mosaics, original products from natural stone – the fashion and the demand for all of this has been going on for many, many centuries, and today, so it remains in demand. The fact that chiseled natural stone, either created from natural stone – it is something that can last a century, what is a fortress, or an integral part of the fortress.

Is very important to the exploitation of natural stone, thanks to her stone is so beautiful and durable, it is very important to properly care for the stone and use only the special funds for this purpose. And although natural stone is resistant to adverse external factors, it is still not hurt from time to time to indulge his special means of hardeners. But it is important to remember that different natural stone surfaces require different treatment, it is necessary to choose the means and methods of cleaning it considering the form of the surface of natural stone. Variety of natural stone surfaces: polished, smooth matte, polished, heat-treated, machined or buchardovannaya and chipped surface. The fact that different natural stones look better with this or another surface, it all depends on the stone, such as granite looks luxurious with virtually any type of surface and natural stone marble and onyx look most impressive, being smoothly polished. Marble and granite – the priceless gift of nature, it is probably the most requested and popular finishing materials, as such they were in ancient times, these have remained to this day.

With the application of this magnificent raw materials embody the most luxurious shades and color created by nature itself. One of the main advantages of natural stone used for facing facades – durability of the coating. The best evidence of this – hundreds and thousands of buildings and architectural monuments throughout the world, faced with natural stone and have not changed their appearance for millennia. Decorative, utility, strength, durability – these are some of the many advantages magnificent natural stone.

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