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Aug '19

Alpha Dog

Often it is recommended that you hit him gently with the knee so that the dog lost the balance. Give back and clog it is very good if you can do it. One of the tips that I always give is that you greet your dog in a calm and level. Or you put squatting […]

Nov '16


When performing the aforementioned study Lacroix signs technicians have had to contemplate a number of influencing factors in optimal localization of signaling. Thus, the analysis has had to determine elements as are roads that preferably arrives traffic to the circuit, the main passage points or better coordination of input flows in the days celebrated tests, […]

Mar '16

Cesenatico City

Native city of Pantani Frame, Cesenatico always supposes from one of better cities where to find the atmosphere suitable to spend the summer. Thanks to the Adritica Coast with its white beaches, attractive of the Canale Port and the historical urban centers and the historical value of Cesenatico an increase as far as businesses has […]