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Aug '19

Alpha Dog

Often it is recommended that you hit him gently with the knee so that the dog lost the balance. Give back and clog it is very good if you can do it. One of the tips that I always give is that you greet your dog in a calm and level. Or you put squatting or kneeling. This is a position that the dogs very quickly associated with imminent praise. Everyone likes when others try to meet with us to do so at our level.

Dogs are no different in this respect. Avoid contact is the best choice when they enter new people in your House. If you’ve established your position as the dominant member of the herd, you should never allow your dog to win the “forward” position yours when you’re opening the door. It is time that you become the Alpha Dog. It is good practice to give a calm and firm down or standing still or sitting just before opening the door to a visitor. Your dog is responding to your sense of serenity and firmness, and begins to truly understand that there is no reason to begin jump everytime you open the door. If trying to get everything to get your dog stops skipping around the world, in the absence of the Elimination of her legs, I have only one word to tell you: exercise.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, dogs need exercise more than we think they do, and if they don’t have a way to spend your energy, will do so by jumping up and down in uncontrollable people. So keep the physical activity of your dog as a fundamental part in obedience training. This is the basics that I show you in this article, but there is much more that I’d like to know so that you learn to control and Edit easily all your dog’s undesirable behaviors.

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