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Mar '22

South Africa Steve

At 0500 A.m. the three Harpoon ships in the Japanese whaling fleet attacked local time Sydney/Australia on 4 February, the Steve Irwin. The Yushin Maru #2 reunited himself with the fleet, after she left the area on 20 December with propeller damage. All three Harpoon ships were moving on the flank of the Steve Irwin […]

Aug '21


Artur Deger, Founder and Managing Director of DEGERenergie. Such a high multiple income will not astronomically-driven or reach other tracking systems. To our knowledge tracking systems, which are equipped with the patented control module DEGERconecter, produce the highest yields worldwide.” The sensor-controlled systems of DEGERenergie align the connected solar modules automatically at the brightest, so […]

Jun '20

Energy Performance Certificate

7 is the energy performance certificate duty now is also in the commercial sector where, of the energy performance certificate is. After the certificate now in residential buildings is mandatory and must be submitted well any tenant or tenants also now tighten the commercial buildings. From Jul 1, 2009, the energy performance certificate for non-residential […]

Jun '20

Environmental Protection Project

Runge mining school makes an Alliance environmental project in Gelsenkirchen together the children explore the local flora and fauna on Mt. Runge and learn a respectful dealing with nature, animals and each other. With the llamas, the whole thing is then really fun. With enthusiasm and motivation, the sixth grader explore the flora and fauna […]

May '20

New Energy Performance Certificate

Specter of energy performance certificate: property owners who act now save 560 euros! Mannheim, August 07, 2008 – headlines in the media (1) the energy performance certificate and terrified many property owners. Since July 1, 2008, the energy performance certificate in the rental or sale of houses that were built before 1965, must be presented? […]