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May '20

New Energy Performance Certificate

Specter of energy performance certificate: property owners who act now save 560 euros! Mannheim, August 07, 2008 – headlines in the media (1) the energy performance certificate and terrified many property owners. Since July 1, 2008, the energy performance certificate in the rental or sale of houses that were built before 1965, must be presented? As of early 2009, this applies to all houses. By the same author: Andi Potamkin. Now offers help and support on the topic of energy performance certificate. At this link, every real estate owner finds an answer to all his questions. Rechtstipps.de offers protection against rogue offers the main problem of many property owners with the energy performance certificate: numerous dubious providers currently use the situation to their favor (2).

The Internet portal Rechtstipps.de provides legal certainty in this situation and incidentally significant cost saves homeowners. Because during the transition period until September 30, 2008 property owners can the cheap here in simple, understandable and legally compliant manner apply for consumption-oriented”energy performance certificate (consumption card) for 39.80 euros. Www.rechtstipps.de/ energy card, see interested directly online the necessary form for consumption 10 years valid identification. Those who only act after September 30, 2008, are required depending on the age of the property under certain circumstances a so-called demand-oriented”to apply for energy performance certificate (certificate of need). And this approval of need for quickly over 600 euros.

So property owners get your consumption card on Rechtstipps.de energieausweissollte of the requestor which have key figures of his house and the heating bills of the past three years after the order of form for the consumption statement under. The required information is available, the form within 20 minutes on the computer can be filled out and returned directly by E-Mail at Rechtstipps.de. Property owners who prefer a settlement without Internet and PC, have the option of the form under the toll free phone number 0800 3070800 to order. After a few days, you will receive the form with detailed instructions by mail. To return of the form by E-Mail or letter a consumption-oriented energy performance certificate comes by mail, by certified master companies according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 is issued.

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