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Apr '20

Managing Director

Training trends 2013: More and more and faster Wettenberg, 15 January 2013 – recent polls show: recruiters increasingly use online training opportunities. Stefan Urke, Managing Director of the Institute of continuing education forward academy, is in the interview his estimates of the trend-setting trends for the coming years. Learn today and 20 years ago what are the differences? An example makes it clear: my son Christopher is a computer geek. When my laptop recently went on strike, he looked at the thing itself. “Do you know what it is?” Answer: “No, but the same!” After five minutes searching the Internet, he has located the problem and found the solution.

20 Years ago still has a similar problem days and requires an extensive search in books and libraries. Knowledge is available today anytime, anywhere. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has doubled in the past year. Mobile learning is now normal. What does this mean for the contents? This means first of all, that Cramming knowledge is always insignificant. In case of doubt, ask I electronic wizards like Apple’s “Siri” in the iPhone or look on the Internet.

Media literacy is so extremely important. Another example: once a package service drivers had to get a signature on the rolling list. Today, he has a highly complex scanner with touchscreen and a myriad of functions to control, which constantly change and expand. But not only the half-life of knowledge shortens farther, but also the half-life of the technology. Who knows exactly what can its Smartphone? And rolls it up the next wave of innovation. Provocative question: Is learning only in the Internet? A clear yes! We humans have learned about hundreds of thousands of years from person to person. Now all of a sudden only with a machine to communicate difficult plus not only the generation of 50. After the first E-learning hype around the turn of the Millennium a lot has changed too: educational games called “Serious Games” or the use of avatars so artificial persons There are approaches, to give a human face to the electronically reprocessed learning in electronic environments.

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