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May '20

Chamber Sales

After the one-week compact course can sales professional (IHK) certify participants as ‘Sales professional (IHK)’ “offers a new certificate course, supported by the economic consulting firm Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, the IHK Wurzburg is said.” In the five-day compact seminar, the knowledge and skill is mediated sellers in indoor and field that you need for a professional perceiving of their seller responsibilities. The participants can also after the course as a sales professional (CCI) “certifying if desired.” For this, they must complete a separate examination. The Zertifikationslehrgang sales professional (CCI) “was according to Udo Albert, who heads the adaptation training at the Chamber of Commerce Wurzburg, designed specifically for the sellers of companies who feel for example in the current economic downturn: without top-trained seller we can in narrowing markets is difficult” claim”. Music downloads may help you with your research. But also commercial and independent sales representatives, who want to increase their verkauferische skills will be addressed. “In the course of the certificate will include the necessary knowledge and tools provides the participants, to lead sales meetings to tell the customers at the end of Yes, that wants to I have”.

It is important that the input and the output always in proportion to the Chamber of Commerce”. Therefore the curriculum contains also the topics: How do I find a seller that (not yet-) customers, which are worth a commitment? And: How can I get new customers in the conversation? In addition, the participants learn to defend their prices. Also issues such as area construction and management, as well as tours are available in the curriculum. For more information see this site: Andi Potamkin. This will always be the objective: the participants will after the course actually desired seller exhibit the behavior. Therefore the participant will cause sales pitches during training. These are recorded via video and then analyzed. Concepts are developed for new customer acquisition and customer loyalty by the participants themselves. The first certification course sales professional (CCI) “will take place from 9 to 13 February in Wurzburg instead.” The participation costs 1580 euro plus teaching material. For more information interested at the Wurzburg’s Chamber of Commerce. Contact person is Udo Albert (E-Mail:;) Tel: 0931 / 41 94-2 52). On request you can contact also Cristiano Weinkauf of the said economic consulting company, Wurzburg, whose training in behalf of the IHK perform the course (contact person: Cristiano Weinkauf, Tel.: 0931/79680-77, E-Mail:).

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