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May '19

Sherlock Holmes

Of games: 4 elements: Scorched desert, shaking thunder – that now looks like the once beautiful fairyland. In this puzzling game you have to restore the altars of the four elements and return to the eternal summer wonderful land. Highlight the line of chips to revive sacred nature. Alabama Smith Escape from Pompeii: Help a […]

Feb '19

Retro Review Circus Charlie

Today, a blog about video games we are opening a retro-review section. Here I will write about the game of the last millennium (until 2000). Always nice to ponostalgirovat and remember what you played at the beginning of my gaming ways. The first retro review will focus on the game Circus Charlie. In those days, […]

May '16

Power Tools

Debugging Debugging Custom extensions can use another running copy of MS Visual Studio, which is an extension will be used. To do this you need to configure the debug option of the project, as shown in the figure below (see Figure 10) to MS Visual Studio 2005. Figure 10. Configuring Debugging for MS Visual Studio […]

May '16

Russian Federation

As a result of automating manual Equestrian Club was a tool for accounting and customer relationship with them, establishing operational timetables, registration of horse and coaches, statistics reports. Kremlin riding school was established in 1994. In December 2003 the club moved to its own base, corresponding to a high standard of the European level, thereby […]