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Feb '19

Retro Review Circus Charlie

Today, a blog about video games we are opening a retro-review section. Here I will write about the game of the last millennium (until 2000). Always nice to ponostalgirovat and remember what you played at the beginning of my gaming ways. The first retro review will focus on the game Circus Charlie. In those days, when I was fortunate enough to play it, we just called it 'The Circus'.

Circus Charlie – this is probably the first ever video game simulation of a circus. The game was released back in 84 on the game machines, and 86 year NES (dendy). Clown Charlie for 5 levels have to jump through burning hoops, walk on a rope, dodging hostile monkeys jumping on the moving balls, ride a horse and jump from trapeze trapeze under the big top. As long as we jump and jump, in the background is the circus fun and memorable music. The game has a mode for 2 players, as well as mode A and mode B.

They did not each other vary but, as the complexity. It is important not to forget that in the control menu by pressing the buttons is not the direction, and pressing select, as in most NES games. The controls are quite simple: the main thing here is to choose the right moment and click the jump. The complexity of the game is quite high, and few can pass Circus Charlie the first time, even in easy mode A. As a result, we get a classic arcade genre in which you can play now. All the more is always a pleasure remember my childhood. In the next retro review you'll learn about the Mighty Final Fight – probably the first game on the NES (Dendy), in which I played. Then it struck me as the acme of perfection. Other retro reviews read on my blog.

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