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Jan '22

Youthful Literature

In these two sources, have an enormous variety of types of literature, where the two intentions are always gifts, even so in different doses. The heading infantile literature engloba well distinct modalities of texts: since stories of fairies, fbulas, wonderful stories, legends, histories of the daily one Until romanceadas biographies, historical romances, informative documentary literature or. It can be said that Infanto-Youthful Literature is the result of the interaction between pedagogical intention of the ficcional text? which stimulates the learning? its playful intention? that, in turn, it stimulates the creativity of a general form, everything, evidently, mediated for the aesthetic nature of the literature, that, on the limit, bases the proper conception of what it is the art: the aesthetic one finishes being, in this direction, the principle and end of all artistic activity. For didactic effect, we can divide in three the aspects in which this literature happens, contributing for the formation/development of child and of the adolescent and allowing, providencialmente, a frank interaction between playful and the pedagogical one. Click Fritz Perls to learn more. The first aspect that we stand out is the psicofsico, in the direction of that Infanto-Youthful Literature acts as stimulaton to the motor and intellectual functions of the children, beyond to contribute with the formation of its personality, the imaginary development of the infantile one and of its critical spirit. As the aspect on which Infanto-Youthful Literature acts is of social nature, since, by means of it, the child acquires better conditions to form its social identity, to perfect its process of sociability and to establish on categories of value to the ethics. The third aspect, the one that we can call linguistic, leagues the capacity to it, promoted for Infanto-Youthful Literature, to contribute for the development of the vocabulary, for the acquisition of linguistic structures, the distinction of discursivos registers and development of the writing and the narratividade. .

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