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Sep '21

Western Conference

Love, the wing pivot converted into the current franchise player that will be key next to Rubio in the reconstruction of the team, after seeing the announcement was digested to its followers on Twitter to joke and ask for help learning basic Spanish. Although the submission and contract signature will not be until this Tuesday, the arrival of Rubio, in 20 years, attracted more than 200 people, most of them related to the staff working within the Organization for the Timberwolves, who blindly rely on the great contribution that the catalan player can do. The Timberwolves and suffered fans waited two years to make Rubio left the Spanish League and joining a project of the NBA, where there are many more questions that contributions objective to consider to become part of the elite who fight for a title of League and more in the Western Conference. At the moment, the Timberwolves for not having nothing clear of what they plan to do in the future, have not ensured continuity of coach Kurt Rambis, who already denounced his situation within the team. Too many defeats a franchise that in the two last seasons has garnered nothing less than 132 defeats, but that its faithful followers, to the less, have been seen with the advent of Rubio a glimmer of hope in the face of a true reconstruction as when came the veteran Garnett, current player of the Boston Celtics, in 1995. It is also unclear if after what happens in the next College sweepstakes, in which the Timberwolves have the rights of second choice, Rubio will continue with the equipment or used as a player to achieve an important transfer. None of that is concerned about fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who already consider it as the future Savior of the team, pending at the moment, makes the President of the team, David Kahn, who remains unconvinced with their management.

Kahn himself has not yet clear that player will select when next Thursday of beginning College sweepstakes 2011 and as for Rambis said that they were in the process of defining their situation. Supporters are confident that this time if they got with the selection you made, because in addition Kahn has so many options to make transfers as when choosing among the 15 best prospects It will be visible to the draw. Whatever, the followers of the Timberwolves back hope to the days when Garnett came to the team to start the best stage equipment has lived. Rubio, professional since the age of 14, he was somewhat surprised by the reception which took and did not speak with the press, although he appreciated the attention later via Twitter. The Timberwolves have scheduled for Tuesday at 10: 00 in the morning (the Center, 15: 00 gmt time) that Rubio, aside from being presented officially, will also begin a hard week of promotions and involvement in acts of charity, to start you give good image among the community. But you also need to know some of the sponsors of the city that have undertaken to pay 1.4 million dollar you will have to give the Barcelona for having terminated the contract and allow you to be the tenth Spanish player who comes to the NBA.

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