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Mar '19

Wellendorff Colliers

The Lady in a fire all of their possessions lost except an old, had a guardian angel decorated Wellendorff Colliers. A true story, tells of the display of the brand. The consumer goods manufacturer Unilever sent to hotel manager a mailing about Dove body milk. A fitting pen was enclosed. With this, the letter recommended the hotel manager at the bathroom mirrors should write: hot shower? “Then your skin is looking forward to Dove body milk now.” The font for the guests was visible only when the mirror hooped during showering.

Also axe, a body care system out of the Unilever House is excellently staged. In the Center are rather unattractive young men who now make the sharpest conquests thanks to axe, so secure yourself advantages in the mating game. Even angels fell in an award-winning advertising campaign for it from the sky. In the summer of 2011 axe has devised is also a creative recruiting campaign. “Applicants for a part-time job as a Modelshooting wind makers were for example about the student platform StudiVZ” and lingerie fashion show Donner “searched.

In the first case, the candidates should be everything must be resistant to provocative views. The application requirements for the second job: Perceptiveness, sense of shapes and helpfulness. Why we buy feelings the dramaturge and Advisor Christian Mikunda, which is one of my favorite writers, reveals in his book why we buy feelings ‘, how you can stage the knowledge of the power of big emotions in public spaces. His wanderings through stores and malls, hotels, restaurants and bars all over the world the reader seven high closer to: glory, joy, power, bravery, desire, intensity and chill. Mikuda says they were born out of the deadly sins and poles to the dark side of the force. Isn’t it sounds exciting? He also reveals how do you recognize these feelings, and how it arouses it. Other examples: the book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller: touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 euros, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 awarded as medium-sized book of the year-more info:

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