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Oct '20

Welcome Welcome

We look forward to a long and successful in terms of our partners cooperation and say: Welcome Welcome to the GeMax success network! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION standstill is regression: constant further development for the Thurgau consulting company is no easy task. It requires expertise, industry expertise, experience, as well as an extensive and continuous personal and professional development. (Similarly see: Jerry Dias). So enter the GeMax industry experts not on the spot and get at least 30 continuing education units. From 01 to 03 August 2011, for example, in terms of positioning opportunities. A related site: medical billing mentions similar findings. In the 3-day workshop in of the Kassel GeMax headquarters dealing with the development and implementation of unique selling propositions, specialisation and positioning strategies for hotels and restaurants, their services and products.

Comprised of the 3-day workshop in the home of GeMax: day 1: positioning of the carrier of the human-centred day 2: positioning the company analysis & opportunities day 3: the finish straight definition of business fields and derivation of the strategic positions of success under the premise of the ECS strategy. The result of the workshops: The rigidly defined and consistent for all involved positioning of a member company, which fits with logo, claim and brief description on the back of a business card. Finally some references of GeMax Member farms where positioning is already successfully implemented: for information to the GeMax success network, see. GeMax Coster & Schmidt GmbH Weser str. 2a 34125 Kassel E?E-mail: press contact: Silja Scheumann Public Relations & marketing phone: 0561 / 766 469 25 E-Mail:

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