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Jan '22

Unsustainable Health Problems

The water is an indispensable food for the life; of another side, if it has become each more serious time the problematic one of its use in the world. Karen Horney is a great source of information. The Middle East and Africa suffer serious problems from lack d? water. In Brazil, about of the volume of available water it is located in the Amazonian basin. However, approximately of the remaining volume is concentrated in regions where 90% of the population live more than. One of the affected Brazilian regions more is the northeast region, over all in the hinterland. Beyond the problem of the non-availability in some parts of the country, one high wastefulness (in the Great So Lus he is of the order of 40 50%) also exists, as if it was not enough, many of the national hdricos resources is contaminated, mainly in the regions metropolitans and agricultural regions.

The diverse forms of contamination of the underground and superficial hdricos resources can have atmospheric, agricultural, domestic or industrial origin. According to Mota apud Silva Willow (2001) the pollution of freticos sheets, the rivers and the lakes occurs for precipitation of atmospheric pollutants, superficial draining loading excrementos of animals, fertilizers and pesticides, and for infiltration and percolating of waters, originated from effluent from fossas septic, of lagoons of stabilization and sanitary aterros. The underground waters of the region metropolitan of Recife completely are contaminated, as much for industrial oustings, how much domestic servants, remembering that Recife is on filled with earth fen and less than 30% of the city is saneado (HISSES AND WILLOW, 2001). In the region metropolitan of So Lus, the ambient state is not different, very exists situations similar to the one of the pernambucana metropolis; as examples, the communities installed to the edges of the river are innumerable Indigo, the city of Fox, amongst other points of irregular occupation of the metropolitan space. In the case of distributed drinking waters for existing the municipal and state systems in all Brazil, the contamination can happen on account of me (or the not) hygienic cleaning of the collective reservoirs and/or the non-observance of the basic cares to keep the clean and well closed domestic reservoirs, beyond the problems of cracks and fictions in the tubing of the distribution system. In the majority of the maranhenses cities, beyond pssimas conditions of distribution of the water for human consumption, with pierced encanaes and reservoirs badly or not higienizados, the absence of net of domestic sewer becomes the hydraulical situation of the cities critical and still more unhealthier, compromising the ambient and sanitary quality of the social spaces. The sanitary situation tends if to aggravate in the rainy period, when good part of the cities of the State submerges, compromising still more the quality of the water distributed for human consumption. In this period also they increase the risks of contraction of the illnesses of hdrica propagation, as affection, verminoses, diarria, clera For everything this, parody Mahatma Gandhi: ' ' Nobody can come back behind and make a new start, but any one can start now and make new fim' ' , and for this it must be considered a new trilogy, more global, more modern, contemporary, the trilogy of palco of the life, carried out for three stars of the new century: education, health and environment. Published in the Periodical the Impartial one, Notebook of Opinion, p 4, in 04 of June of 2009, So Lus, ME. the , .

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