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Oct '09

Universidad de Lima

“Universidad de Lima” may refer also to the innovation common name given to the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos from 1551 until 1946.
The University of Lima (acronym: UL or ULIMO) is a management private university located in Lima, Peru. Founded in 1962 by a group of academics and representatives of trade and industry gathered at the “Asociacion Civil Prodi” (promoting industrial development through higher education).
The operation of the University of Lima was authorized by Presidential Decree n leaders 23 25 April 1962. Its first president was Antonio Pinilla Sanchez-Concha. The UL started with 120 students and two faculties, while their local district located in the Jesus Maria, in front of the Campus links Martius. Then in 1966, he inaugurated the Monterrico campus, located east of Lima in the district of Santiago de Surco.
Organization and governance
The University of Lima is a private educational institution, is organized into colleges composed of faculties and university management services units.
The main university authorities of the UL are:
The University Assembly is the supreme governing body of the university. Represents the university community and is comprised of the Rector, the Vice Chancellor, the deans of the faculties, representatives of regular teachers in number equal to twice the amount training of university authorities, a college graduate each, and one or more student representatives for each faculty, to complete a third of the authorities, teachers and graduates. The Director of the Graduate School, the Director of General Studies Program and the Directors College, attending the Assembly as consultants.
The Board is the highest organ of management, execution and promotion of the University. This comprised of the Rector, who presides, the Vice Chancellor, the Director of Graduate School, the Directors of the colleges, the Director of General Studies Program, the bureau directors university planning, administration and finance, and development and academic assessment, a representative of the graduates, and a student representative for each college.
The Rector is the legal representative of Representative and the University of Lima. The strategy Vice President replaces the Rector in licensing cases, incapacity or vacancy.
Being the first major charges, customer service there are also lesser charges, which are:
The government of the Graduate School for the Board of skills Directors and the Director. The Board of Directors is composed of the Director, as President, and the Coordinators of the different specialties section.
The government of each college for the college Council and the Director. The college Council is composed of the Director, who presides the deans of the colleges that make up the college and who represent the main teachers, representatives of teachers who are required to complete, including the deans, the representation of three principal teachers, two associates and one assistant, a representative of the graduates, and a student representative from each of the faculties that comprise the college.
The government of General Studies Program for the Board of Directors and the Director. The Board of Directors is composed of the Director, as President, three representatives of the main regular teachers, two partners and one of the auxiliaries.
Powers and studies
Campus de Monterrico
The main campus of the University of Lima is located in the area of Monterrico, Santiago de Surco district, which includes several buildings for academic and administrative purposes on an area of approximately 60,000 sqm. Are located in the computer labs, a library with about 90,000 records, screening rooms, six auditoriums with average capacity for 500 spectators coaching each, parking areas for students, bank agency and library, among other services.
Campus Mayorazgo
Located in the district of Ate, covers an area of 30,000 sqm. In the center is located pre-university UL, soccer field of synthetic grass and a coliseum, and other sports areas.
Centers, groups and institutes
Institute for scientific research
The scientific research institute, established from the year 1999, has the primary function of developing and disseminating the results of the research work of professors from UL.

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