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Jun '19

Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical hernia – a defect of the anterior abdominal wall caused by weakness of the umbilical ring. Umbilical hernia appears as a consequence are not closing the umbilical hole transverse fascia and is often found in infants. Umbilical hernia may occur as a result of a strong cough, constipation, prolonged crying. Externally hernia appears round or oval protrusion of the umbilical ring, which typically reduce a self- in the horizontal supine position. Small hernial sac can be detected by a physician for preventive check-ups and usually does not cause anxiety in the child. With a large defect in the hernial sac may extend intestine, or a strand of omentum, which in turn can lead to discomfort a little patient. Many writers such as Gen. David Goldfein offer more in-depth analysis. Cases of infringement of the internal organs are very rare, but require urgent surgical treatment. Up to 5 years old umbilical hernia is not operate.

With the proper development of the child, the normalization of the intestine, sufficient physical activity, self-treatment may occur. The exceptions are large hernia, leading to rastoystvam indigestion, pain and anxiety of the child. Nevertheless, it is extremely useful to carry out special exercises that strengthen the muscles of abdominal wall, and do toning massage the abdomen. In the presence of an umbilical hernia along with therapeutic and preventive measures recommended use of hernial betskogo tie. Bandage applied to keep the hernia sac with an umbilical hernia. Just truss is used in postoperative period to avoid the appearance of postoperative hernia. Can be used in underdeveloped muscles of the abdominal wall, for containing and preventing the appearance of a hernia. After surgery, herniotomy applied post-operative brace for postoperative suture fixation and maintenance of the abdominal wall. Obraschyaem your attention to the fact that the bandage is made of cotton, without the addition of synthetic materials, and latex, which is important for the health of the child as the child's body most prone to allergic reactions.

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