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Mar '20

Treatment And Prevention Of Diseases Of The Prostate

Treatment and prevention of diseases of the prostate urination – the only pleasure, for which no fees. Socrates What we know about the prostate? Probably every man acquainted with this word, but it means simply an inflammation of the prostate gland. Anatomical structure of the prostate gland and its blood supply are the causes of stagnation and the development of inflammatory processes – prostatitis. Moreover, this disease can be both infectious in nature, and non-infectious, these processes may be acute or chronic. Many who are familiar with this disease is not in theory, remember multiple visits to urologists, reception antibiotics, physiotherapy, such as improvements in already, and then suddenly return to the starting point. I do not want to list all the complications of chronic prostatitis, and their variety – from sexual and neurological disorders to fever and chronic toxicity of the whole organism. No less vexing problem that await man after 50 years – is a benign adenoma, ie, prostatic hyperplasia. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andi Potamkin. According to some reports it expects 85% of men over 60 years! The question is how to avoid it or to help those who have already started this process, I worried not only as a doctor, already with 35 years of experience, but also as a man who is almost 60.

I was introduced to the technique that doctors used in ancient China, treating the imperial personages. The method is called – “Imperial chronopuncture.” The fact that the Chinese emperors lived long and had to be old are sexually active it is a proven historical fact. Began to try the method on himself, from the standpoint of prevention, and wanted to see the outcome. Find patients was not difficult among friends and relatives. Some examples are: Alexander, aged 56, is not strong periodic pain in the perineum, 2-3 march to the toilet at night, urinating painless … month of the procedures on how, after the third procedure, perineal pain does not bother going to the toilet no more than once per night and do not every night. Ilya, 64, a concrete proposal from urologists undergo surgery. Three-month course, the operation has no offers! Fortunately, the human body has a very significant resources for reconstruction and maintain the proper balance of vital functions.

Being a part of nature, he is able to take control actions that restore the performance of individual organs and, last but not least, their harmonious interaction. In the case of prostate diseases, it is necessary to stop the negative development of processes to recover lost function and improve the body’s ability to withstand age-related changes and infections. The method of “Imperial chronopuncture” allows after the first procedure to feel a noticeable improvement, which immediately felt the frequency of urination. Changes in the prostate can not just suspend, but to achieve significant improvements to its functions. Remember, no wonder the prostate is called the ‘second heart’ men, emphasizing its importance for a strong half of mankind. I therefore recommend preventive courses 2-4 times per year, depending on age. Check yourself is very easy if you get up at night in the bathroom, morning jet lost pressure, there were recurrent pain in the perineum, extending to the anus, or you are just over 40 years, Program “Prevention and treatment of prostate diseases,” you need. Easier to prevent than cure I would like to add that the service “Imperial chronopuncture”, offers a program for specific problem, which men do not like loud talking, a program increase libido and potency. But about this program, see the relevant section. Your doctor Joseph.

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