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Jan '14

The Training

Oh did not..! To train a puppy to live indoors, it is normal to occasionally make their needs at home. When you find the puppy going to the bathroom inside the House, do something to interrupt it, as a sound that surprised (but be careful not to frighten him.) Take it immediately to the place where he should go to the bathroom, praise him and give him a treat if finish making their needs there. Do not punish the puppy by going to the bathroom in the House. If you find a soiled area, it is already too late to correct the puppy. Do not nothing more than cleaning the floor. If rub you his nose in that area, it takes you to the place and scolds him, or any other punishment or disciplinary measure, only will cause the puppy to have fear or be afraid to go to the bathroom in his presence. Animals don’t understand delayed punishment, even if it occurs only a few seconds later.

Punishing the puppy will worsen the situation rather than solve it. It is very important that you clean the soiled area because puppies tend to continue going to the bathroom in the areas that smell of urine or feces is extremely important to put into practice procedures of supervision and confinement as explained before to reduce to a minimum the number of accidents. If you frequently allow your puppy go to the bathroom inside the House, will be confused about where to make their needs, which will prolong the training process for long live indoors.

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