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Nov '09


The Simpsons have lost their homes for nonpayment of the mortgage, said to be the last chapter of the series issued in the U.S., a parody of the subprime mortgage crisis or subprime drama and living now thousands of families in this country. The Simpsons receive a letter informing the review of its variable rate mortgage, a day after he held a giant carnival financed with credit on your second home. In the U.S., you may obtain a type of mortgage called “home equity” and allowing the owner access to the amount already paid the bank for your home if you need cash. This practice has led many people to use their property for years as “ATM” and, as in the chapter on The Simpsons, the “party” term and many end up owing the bank an amount greater than that originally requested. As has happened to millions of U.S. families, the Simpsons discover, further, that the revision rate mortgage the monthly payment shoots up an astronomical amount and impossible to pay (…) and end up losing the house at a public auction. a Governor of REBNY

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