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Sep '20

The Same

A synoptic or conceptual map box will be of great help, I see as my companions of the web development Department always use them to sort all the content of the page. This is very important, since it so we will not improvising as we create but go straight to what you want, what you work in a job more professional and fast. One last thing: put everything where you can see. 6 Aprendase the principles of navigation: a – the people hate esperarb – the people hate doing scrollc – people hates leerd – people prefer to scroll rather than wait – people prefer to wait for leer.c – people are not necessarily rational or consistent, but sometimes if. 7.

Look for references: easy, get some pages like mostertemplates.com or 4templates.com and locate, locate and search, then you copy and then make your own designs, I’ve done it and always find it me. Recalls that some learn a lot watching but most doing, so that is not only looking at references. 8 Choose the theme very well: there is not much to say isn’t the same one website for a fashion aesthetic to a website for a buffet of lawyers, nor worth the same colors from a website for a pet shop to one of a wedding photographer. 9 Define the width of the page: A measure advisable basic would be that of 640 x 480 pixels for 13 to 15-inch screens, since with this resolution you make sure that your page is vera in all current screens, however, for comfort and with the advent of high resolution lcd monitors it is customary to have a measure of 800 x 600 pixels, which is It has become the standard. 10. The use of tables and css: If you’re someone who is starting I recommend that maquetes your web pages using tables, it’s more simple, if you are more expert, perfeccionate in language css. Original author and source of the article..

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