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Oct '20

The Relationship

All addicts, to what is, they feel very, very evil when they do not have the object of addiction, i.e. when the relationship in couples and love each other turns into addiction, to say, that depend on that love, to encrypt my well-being or malaise, my self-esteem or my bewilderment. Every step I take, is only in relation to my partner. I.e., suffer the syndrome of the on or off, if I’m fine with my partner, everything in my life works and I’m very well, I flow with life. But if not, everything in my life, becomes irritable, and seemingly pointless. My talks, my thoughts, my creativity, my life itself, is located in relationship to the action of my partner.

Life can only be understood in terms of my love or heartbreak. We will thus building our loving bond in dependence and not building a life better and more satisfactory to both and for all involved. When this great love, turns into addiction, depend, on the other, in this case, our partner to feel that my life has meaning. The reality is that while not We are capable of take responsibility for our own lives, in our project, where the relationship as a couple is only a complement, then everything you do, say or happens to our partner, will be more important, of which sucedes us to ourselves. Because to be able to give us and merge us into a relationship as a couple, it is imperative to be ourselves, and hence build what we need in this relationship as a couple life is only one way in which we decide to travel, but it is not port, i.e., once arrived at the objective, how can we do to continue this life of two with love or addiction?. What kind of relationship you want in your life, an addictive love or a love mature and accurate nobody can do it for you if you are interested write me this column topics and Yes not also.

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