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Feb '22

The Programs

This project is a system of integrated programs. Each program has its own, ie, you have to achieve the objectives scheduled for each of them, and they in turn, meet the targets set for the overall project methodology will be varied and different for each program each of the ambidextrous a separate program based on the same objectives, TO GET THE SAME PURPOSE , IE, GETTING HEALTHY LIVING HABITS AND THE GENERAL WELFARE OF THE STUDENT Most activities will be conducted in cooperative groups, with analysis of problems to find solutions, develop chips. Also be used for large group lectures, conferences, presentation of individual works. Among the possible strategies that can be used mention: discussion of moral dilemmas; sheet values, unfinished sentences and clarifying questions, list of values; barometer of values, search for alternatives; critical compression; whisper, public debate, discussion addressed, Phillips 6 -6; round table, integrated panel, court session, brainstorming, technical risk; comments text; dialogue from a text; dialogue from a chart, case studies, role playing practical assumptions or dramatizations, interviews, film forum. forum.video disc forum.

Bible forum; production of posters or murals; fotopalabra, puzzles, learning teams tournament, a research group, plan activities, keep track, to produce in school environmental research, the outputs; visit to the proposed workshops; workshops on various areas, comparative analysis, examine difficult situations, surveys, use of new technologies on the market … EVALUATION CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES Evaluation criteria will be made on each of the programs provided and the overall project. In all of assess: 1 Evaluation of the work process of each of the programs and activities.

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