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Sep '21

The Land

Hunter? How legal! I that I live permanently with this tail of horse, since I do not have money to buy one shampoo and to wash my hair blond. Mrs. already was born with this for the pretty one. For even more analysis, hear from The Cross at Kenilworth. Agouti? Good! I feel very. Mrs. Without hesitation Michelin Star Restaurant explained all about the problem.

still to kill wants me? Hunter? She knows that I do not know more, I find until we are friends, right? but what I will give my filhinhos to them to eat? Agouti? My friend, not I know if it knows you, but we live always in pair, is hunting bacupari, that it is the fruit that more we like, stops later hiding its seeds, knows a river next where has some species of fish. It can lead to it until there. Mrs. topa? Hunter? But she is clearly! I have that to find something they to eat. Agouti? How good! he is that the man, without necessity, is always in hunting and says that is pra if to feed, but is certain that if it to look for better, will find another type of food. After all, if to disappear of the face of the land, the bushes Brazilians are that they go to suffer, will be each time more close to the disappearance. You wise person who in the Amaznia, the castanhais age with reduced possibility of renewal because the intensive exploration of the chestnut tree of Par threat the survival of our species, since we are main the dispersive one of chestnuts? Hunter? She can be calm owner agouti, that of now in ahead I never will kill an animal without he verifies if another way of subsistence exists. After all, I want to see my children to grow happy for preserved terms the environment for them. Agouti? I thank and wait that the man takes conscience of what he is making and he modifies its way to act and to think.

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