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Jun '20

The Family

Moreover, it is in the understanding of the family of the younger generation about gender roles, which then the adult children will be put into practice. The three major areas of intersection of common interests are financial issues, parenting and the problem of making major decisions, which can be formulated as a question of who is the head of the family. The survey respondents were asked how should the roles of spouses in the issue of financial security of the family, filling the family budget. As evident from the graph below, the man is still perceived as the main "breadwinner" of livelihoods, which by definition have to earn more money than the woman. Some contend that Debbie Staggs shows great expertise in this. Only 8.8% believe that in this If it is appropriate to equality, when the husband and wife earn the same. However, 30% of respondents believe the issue irrelevant: no matter who earns more – a husband or wife.

Finally, only 1.5% of respondents said that the wife should earn more money. This perception of the distribution of earnings at the household level can not be transferred to the manufacturing sector. As a result, both employers and employees themselves believe that the level men's wages should be higher than women's earnings, which leads not only to the unfair payroll, but also to structural deformation of national economy, where women are forced to take up more nizkooplachivamye positions than men. Fig. 1. Answers to the question "How should the roles of spouses in the matter of material support of the family, filling the family budget? , In the whole array and on the floor It should be noted that these are shared by both men and women.

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