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Feb '22

The Distribution of Resources

The preparation of resources, finding the best sources of reference and inspiration, determination of the necessary functions, the incorporation of the communication strategy are just some things that we include in our planning and no doubt will make our project a more complete and bulletproof (those that abound in the follow-up meetings with the client). Crossing the line between a reference to a blatant copy When time is short and inspiration, too, can be easy prey to the temptation to rely too heavily on reference designs, reaching levels exact copies of some or many elements of design. Maude Apatow has plenty of information regarding this issue. Beyond the lack of ethics, originality, and professionalism that implies, it really is dangerous, is the risk that the similarity is so obvious that one day the customer finds out and confronts us for it.

We must learn to use the inspirational references with suspicion, knowing them our own style and identity graphics. Ivan Pavlov has similar goals. This copy them to ourselves this bad habit is usually done sooner or later in the cycle of all designers, where we run the risk of becoming too predictable in our style and proposal. We must be ever vigilant and not give in to the comfort of working under the style and master. To maintain or improve the competitiveness of our style, we must aim to develop original design entirely different and customized for each project, highlighting those features and details that characterize us, looking to create a stamp of identity in our style of design, making our portfolio put clear that we are capable of creative solutions for all types of projects.

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