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Dec '13

The Cost

You should only have coverage of civil liability. If you have auto for your car insurance can be covered and do not need any insurance provided by car rental. If you do not belong to an association that offers discounts on car rentals, call the number of the car rental agency and asked whether there was some special discount. Frequently, reservations agents are empowered to offer a discount rate, but you have to ask for it. If you need a car for about a month, make sure you check the difference between four weeks and days 29 and 31. Sometimes you pay a significant amount for those a few days extra. Most of the car rental said that the more time you maintain your vehicle, you will get the best price per day.

Keep in mind that the cost per 24 hours is relative. If you purchase any optional coverage or special equipment (e.g. the seats of car, GPS, etc.) extra will pays you per day. Many times has the best rates for cars during weekends. Check the schedules where a rental of car considered a weekend rental. If the rental car agency begins its rates of weekend at noon on Friday, you will have to pay much more if you want to pick up the truck early. Most of the weekend rates end at midnight on Monday.

Some car rental demand delivery of their vehicles on Sunday. Keep in mind that if the Monday is a holiday and you want to continue with the car you will have to pay more. Car rental prices are the prices of plane tickets. If you are not travelling in peak hours or make a reservation seven or more days in advance, you can often get a better deal. Promotions last minute and rush hours trips generally cost you more. Like the prices of plane tickets, car rentals prices can change according to the availability of cars, the popularity of the location and other factors. Car rental firms adjust their prices minute by minute to remain competitive with respect to other companies. Unless it is an advertised offer, a rate fixed for a certain type of car, but rather is not generally a range of prices according to the duration and dates of reservation, car type and the location of the company’s revenue. Even with special offers, advertising rate usually applies to a limited number of cars. When you see a truck that you like book it immediately, may not be available most afternoon! Unless the truck has the policy of cancellation or no show, you can cancel at any time, without penalty. Information: travel-rants.

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