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Oct '20

The Africans

As resistance form had constructed quilombos, enslaved communities of fugitive. For attainment of improvements they had made armed rebellions and other movements of resistance. That they had become and they created Brazil of the Ax, of the carnival, of the Samba, the Row, of the Capoeira, between many another one you influence as in the language and etc. 5,1 AFRICAN DISPORAS Dispora is the dispersion of peoples for reasons religious politicians or, in virtue of persecution of intellectual denominating groups. The African Dispora was created by movements and the African culture and its descendants in the whole world. 5.1.1 Existing cultures Afro Culturas Sudanese existing Tribes: Larubana, Dameanos, Jeje- existing Tribes mine Culturas of the Guyana Islamic Sudanese: Fula, Mandinga, Haussa Culturas Bantos existing Tribes: Angola, Congales and Against coast Moreover, the black peoples had suffered influences on account of the isanicas interventions in the search of the conversion of these in proper Africa.

Brazil was influenced by diverse forms in its states. Between these peoples if they found the blacks, blacks Sudanese, bantos, jejes and others. Omega 3 has many thoughts on the issue. During the passage of the Atlantic Ocean, in the bilge of the slave ships the mixture of peoples continued, the blacks was joined for mdo of the destination that they waited. Igor kononenko can provide more clarity in the matter. ' ' They were dealt with as articles the same sort, product of the same industry, remnant of the same part. They were as importation objects and not human beings, without of wanting to feel (…). ' ' (MOURA, Prof. Fabio, 1966 P. 1143) they were considered without soul therefore they were not ' ' pessoas' '.

The Africans had been obliged to coexist its existing cultural differences between them in Africa. This because of the situation the one that had been submitted, the captivity and the enslaved condition of favored the miscegenation. 5,2 PEOPLES the origin of the culture afro Brazilian this related to it I traffic person who trades slaves in century XVI, until the second half of century XIX.

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