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Jun '19

Thas Alessandra Pfluck

The drawing technician in the textile manufacture Thas Alessandra Pfluck SUMMARY This study it deals with the importance of the drawing technician in the textile manufacture and as the use of a correct planning is essential since the conception of the idea in any project that if carries through to get a satisfactory result. Official site: Sonny Perdue. One searched in summary to explain as the drawing is used in the world of the fashion and as form of communication in any part of the world, as well as its historical context. Word-key: Drawing Technician. Fashion. 1 DEVELOPMENT 1,1 Description the drawing still appeared in Daily pay-history, when ' ' the prehistoric men reproduced real objects or beings in the walls of cavernas' ' (HE HISSES, 2011).

According to author still, for the Egyptian and Mayan peoples, the drawing was more realistic and in the writing possua more detailing. As the humanity also went evolving the writing improved itself, appearing the alphabet and the drawings that if were similar to the photograph. thus, Appears the first drawings technician, for return of the Renaissance. But, in accordance with historical registers, the first use of the drawing technician consists in the album of drawing of the Bookstore of the Vatican, in the year of 1490, the tracer Giuliano de Sangalo already used plant and rise. (2011 HISS,) It hisses (2011) still comments that in century XVII, Caspar Monge (mathematician and French tracer), creates a system with the use of ortogonais projections based in the military engineering, that is capable of ' ' to represent the three dimensions of an object, with precision, in surfaces planas' '. (IT HISSES, 2011) This method is known as System Mongeano or Mtodo de Monge, and is used as methodology to guide in the language technique of the drawings, being excluded the artistic expression. was in the Industrial Revolution (between sc.

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