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Mar '22

Aconite Alkaloids

To include the isoquinoline alkaloids of opium alkaloids. In the Central Asian opium into morphine, contains the highest number (10%), narcotine (5%), papaverine (0.8%), thebaine (0.4%), codeine (0.3%) and others. Morphine has a powerful effect on central nervous system. If reusable methods morphine person can tolerate substantial doses of this alkaloid, is getting used to […]

Oct '20

BPH Capsules

How to get Vitaprinol? Of fir legs after steam distillation of essential oils, extracted oil soluble fraction. Then neutralize acidic components. Purified lipophilic complex neutral substances dissolved in edible oil and encapsulated in gelatin capsules round brilliant. That he "knows"? Based on extensive scientific evidence of biological effects of the major components Vitaprinola can assert […]