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Aug '20

Geneva Convention

At that pay attention to potential applicants for asylum? One of the most important moments in the first stage, when a man determined to leave, is to analyze the situation. Namely, the attempt to find grounds for a person to meet the requirements of the Geneva Convention. Why did it very important? The fact is […]

Jul '19

Grant Coaching

ES true to exercise coaching is not necessary to be a psychologist. But there are who says that when it comes to coaching, is primarily talk of psychology.(5). However, the psychologist is associated with the analysis and treatment of pathologies, while coaching scans and deals with dysfunctions? actually, duality is caused by psychological psychoanalysis principle, […]

Feb '14


What are the differences of interests and values? What is their role in human activity? The concept of "interests" and "values" are very similar, not everyone sees what is their difference. Let us, in order: 1.Interesy – special conscious need to subject, a phenomenon which is of particular importance appeal. (Interest in art, music, etc.). […]