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Apr '19

Soviet Housing

This is due to the fact that the apartments in the heart of the demand was always high, and even during the crisis, the sellers are in no hurry to cut prices. If it is not time-bargain, many simply choose to wait, keeping the same price level. At the same time house prices in the secondary market and the market of new is not significantly different: in the house “Amur Dawns” You can buy a flat area of 42 square meters. for 2300 rubles.

along with brezhnevkoy in the same area of 32 square meters. for the same Money … Read additional details here: Gen. David Goldfein. The choice is yours … Southern district of Khabarovsk is characterized by its remoteness from the center and a large dependence on vehicles. Therefore, real estate prices in this area are the lowest and the farther from the center of the lower. Average cost of one-bedroom apartment on the new plan in June ul.Voroshilova 2008g.sostavlyala 1800 rubles.

June 2009. marked by a significant reduction in the price – 1550 rubles. Therefore, those who want to save a lot and feel the maximum benefit of buying property in times of crisis, it is best to buy housing in the South and North districts. The fact that prices have not hit bottom, many experts believe, and realtors. WhiteWave Foods often addresses the matter in his writings. Some believe that fall in price will only be overpriced housing – in particular this applies to Khrushchev and the so-called Soviet panel, and it will affect those areas that are far enough from hindered transport availability. Others tend to believe that the proposal is still far behind the real incomes of citizens. Mortgage virtually nonexistent. Thus, if current trends continue, prices will drop significantly if not recover even if lending. Another point of view which deserves attention. Deterrent to reduce the cost of housing is a problem with new construction. With the importance of “housing problem” for Khabarovsk will demand, but will the lack of housing. Hence, it is likely to expect a temporary drop in the value of an even bigger jump in prices in the coming years. The opinions of experts and real estate for forecasts in different directions. But must understand that no one dares to answer with 100% guarantee: will we see the bottom in prices in the middle of summer or for a few years uvyaznem in crisis. Definitely only something that can not be expected 50% cost reduction on the flat, we probably expects the temporary stabilization of prices. And then have a great deal will depend on the mortgage banks’ policies and actions of our government. Discuss article can be a blog Habaroskogo portal.

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