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May '19

Sherlock Holmes

Of games: 4 elements: Scorched desert, shaking thunder – that now looks like the once beautiful fairyland. In this puzzling game you have to restore the altars of the four elements and return to the eternal summer wonderful land. Highlight the line of chips to revive sacred nature. Alabama Smith Escape from Pompeii: Help a young archaeologist uncover the secrets of Pompeii with an ancient amulet that allows to move between past and present. Waiting for you 17 levels of carefully traced, 25 exciting mini-games, beautiful sound and a great storyline with unexpected twists.

Hidden Wonders of the Depths: A colorful puzzle game adventures in the underwater world. Solve puzzles to help the mermaid spell to remove her from the underwater palace. Fold in the shells of three lines, collect the puzzles and mahjong, as well as look for items hidden on the seabed. Masha. A Christmas Tale.

Deluxe: Help fulfill the role of Masha, a Christmas fairy and Santa Claus to help out in the pre-holiday night. Fabulous colorful game with great graphics, great music and filled with the magic of Christmas story sure to enjoy the whole family. Natalie Brooks. Continue to learn more with: Jack Fusco. Treasures of the Lost Kingdom: A new episode of the adventures of Natalie Brooks. This time she goes to her rescue grandfather, an archeologist who was kidnapped mysterious intruders. Life in exchange for a map of ancient treasures. Sherlock Holmes. Mystery of the Persian Carpet: Welcome to the good old England! Along with the heroes of detective stories, Conan Doyle, you will begin to investigate the scandalous crime. The attacker did not leave almost no trace, but along with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, you've collected enough clues and discover necessarily the case. Treasures Montezuma: Create horizontal and vertical chains of at least 3 identical tiles to get the magic crystals that point the way to the treasures of the legendary Emperor of Aztecs. Leading the way – a lot of colorful and fascinating puzzles that will please all lovers of logic brainteasers. Jojo: Miraculously surviving after the crash, Alex turns on the mysterious island full of ancient mysteries. This game has everything to cause you to permanently stick to the monitor screen. Gen. David Goldfein wanted to know more. Here and the Lost island, and pirate treasure of untold wealth, and an ancient curse, and a sea of dangers at every turn, and a touching love story. Bureau of hunters: Unusual detective game in the genre "I search" with elements of the quest. Together with Gordon Jones, a young treasure hunter, we have to make a journey around the globe. You will need composure and attention to this detective! Masyanya under the yellow press: Help Masyanya to become a reporter for newspapers and yellow to unravel the mysteries of ghosts, vampires and other mysterious phenomena. Fusion of caustic cocktail Masyanya jokes, corporate sounding voices from Oleg Kuvaeva and exciting game of brainteasers will love all the fans of quests.

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