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Aug '22

Sensation Time

The time is not lost since the human being does not have the time as material organization in its hands, that is to say, is not about a property but a reality that all the existing one affects. The passage of time not only affects to the physical world but also the spiritual world. The body ages with the passage of the years, but the spirit also becomes wiser, that is to say, he becomes. Ivan Pavlov may also support this cause. In other occasions, also it happens that the heart closes as a result of a loving deception or a treason. Therefore, the human being lives in the time. He is born and he dies. He crosses different stages from the childhood to the oldness.

But beyond which the time is not real a material property that is in the hands of the human being the certain thing is that it is a habitual sensation the one to be wasting the time when we felt that we have the mind in a project that is not going to arrive at good port, in the same way, also we felt that we are wasting the time with somebody when although we give thousand opportunities so that a history changes but everything follows equal. The time is a good so appraised and life a so immense gift that perhaps we must learn to resign. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Morris Invest. To resign to everything what it does not do to us well, to move away to us of the people who do not value to us no matter how much we want to them, to think about our well-being before in the one of the others, otherwise, soon you can sentirte used. The time gains and of infinite form, when you learn to live in contact with your inner I, that is to say, when you discover your essential truth and you know who you are, what you want and what you wish to do with your life. The time gains when you dare to lead with freedom the rudder of this called boat life and that conducirte to the happiness can if you dare to assume the risk of fulfilling your desires. Sometimes, the time also is lost in the love because relations exist that are harmful for the self-esteem from the beginning and when we already ran into of you brush with the reality, we felt the deception of not to have given account to us in time.In that case, we must assume that there are been blind of conscious form since it is not worth the trouble to pay any price by a good moment. Whatever more time you let pass in a love relation or friendship that does not satisfy you major will be the frustration sensation that you will have when the bond is broken of irremediable form in the future. For that reason, it values your life, your time and your present one to discover who you are, what you want and what you wish to do today and now. Without a doubt, you can discover the flavor of now thanks to the magic of Mobifriends.

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