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May '09

Section One Missed bank

This section is one of the most dark and dense that I have read in my life. I do not seek to offend, but the section is a morass of figures and some with no connection could be due to faults in the translation of it.
95bn euros, that I imagine it will be 95 billion euros, but if it were not Excuse. Castilian in a billion is a million million, while in English it means a thousand billion billion billion or in Castilian, it nevertheless is a recurring error in almost all of the articles translated from English and economics pecata minute in comparison to what is said below, on the other hand, our billion translates to English as a trillion words, the ECB injected into the system 95,000 million euros (according to some references to 94,800 million euros). I thought that this could create some vandal after being made AB, but not in this revision was ignored.
Done, but reversed the U.S. 140bn “is correct and means” approximately 100 billion euros. “
August 13: The ECB injected again 48 million. I assume that this phrase meant 48,000 million euros, I could not find any references that are at the end of the sentence, ie 25, 26, 27 and 28, only speaking of the first injection and the BNP (already discussed in the paragraph immediately above, the August 9), ie, those references are not really this is referencing these data.
Fact that information was not invented, but I could not find the source and delete the paragraph.
The last paragraph has no waste, the whole section by saying that the Fed has injected much or how many billions of dollars, suddenly said to have injected a total of 147 million, and the ECB said, the ECB injected 250 million euros, as well as to the EDF are 9 references, and the quantities of the ECB this article orphan.
Done id
Throughout the article are still many mistakes in their figures:
The German lender IKB company announced a loss of 1BN (Masters, Spain’s GDP is 1.5 trillion, it is impossible for a medium-sized German financial worth has lost two thirds of our GDP, it’s quite possible that their assets do not reach that amount).
No: information given by the BBC
the Bank of England announced that 10bn auction (USA GDP: about 15 billion dollars).
China announced a plan for 455 million euros (we are serious, to build a highway that is).
Indeed we have forgotten a thousand. “
4 billion Swiss francs, or 3.4bn (I think it inappropriate to write a good article the numbers like that, is unclear).
… (I did not want to follow)
In short, there is a considerable amount of wrong numbers, and a quagmire of references referring to is not known. With a deep correction the article could be a decent AB, now no.
Greetings. Lehman – Hablame 02:27 7 Mar 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for this review. I think that a slight revision is needed to clear the information without references. There are so many errors as you say. Pah777 (talk) 11:49 7 Mar 2009 (UTC)
Yes, put it, but that page is in English, translated into Castilian were 1000 million dollars or a billion if you prefer, as clarified above (in brackets are explained in the same reference that you have given me that you are 500 million pounds ).
I’m making a correction in-depth revision of all the figures throughout the article, but should be revised for some expressions, tenses and perhaps sort the references. Saludos Lehman – Hablame 13:29 7 Mar 2009 (UTC).

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