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Feb '16

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To increase to the visits blog, is a very important component in the commercialization like business model. since there are so many ways to obtain traffic to his Web site, this can be very confused, in the method that you select. the best guide is to concentrate in only these two: the payment and free, that is methods of traffic generation. 1. Article commercialization Is simple the process, with a writing of quality and informative articles that, presented/displayed the main article directories. And there will be 3 components in its articles to increase to the visits blog and are the following: a- The head or title. The head or title, must be able to attract the attention of the people. And to have a clear content, they are going because it to be reading, when they read his articles.

b- Content This area, is where you will give the season him to his content so that she enjoys it to the reader. And one benefits from his article after reading it. c- Box of resources is where you placed his data after giving, his Here content to the reader. And it must include his name and the benefits that his reader is going to obtain, after having click in the connection to accede to his page Web. 2. payment by each click (Ppc).

In a simple definition, it will be the positioning of the announcements in the results of the motors search or Web sites, and that will appear when specific a key word or key phrases. Thus the advertisers will only have to pay by the announcements, when the user clicks in these. the advertiser will pay by a certain amount by each click. This is the reason for which it is called, to pay by each click of commercialization and thus to increase to the visits blog. This method will give traffic almost immediately him to its site, when the users make reference on the certain key words or phrases. It is recommended that it begins with the smaller commercialization of ppc using the motor search, first like Miva, etc 7search since ppc will be less expensive for the practice of its commercialization. Once they are more familiarized with ppc, it will be come to the practice in the main motors search like google, yahoo and msn. These are the 2 forms of traffics, that can help to obtain traffic you to their page, and thus can choose, to construct their own list. Article commercialization is the free path and ppc marketing is the way pays to obtain traffic. These 2 methods have demonstrated that they are important, to find the answer, and the knowledge to learn correct to dominate the technique of traffic generation, once they have decided to concentrate in these 2 methods to increase to the visits blog.

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